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Alumni Association
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Kirksville, Missouri 63501-4221
Telephone: (800) 452-6678 or (660) 785-4133

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6. Event Planning:  Care Package Event

Purpose:  The purpose of a care package event is to build a connection between the local alumni chapter and Truman students from your area.  It encourages alumni to reach out to these students, to recognize their efforts and to encourage their future membership in an alumni chapter. 


What is a Care Package Event?  A care package event consists of a group of alumni and parents getting together to prepare gift boxes for the Truman students from their area.  The care packages are put together and mailed via UPS or FedEx (whichever is cheaper) so that the students receive the boxes a few weeks before final exams.  A care package event can be held for the spring or fall semester.  Care package events are funded through the chapter administrative budget and personal donations.


Six to nine months prior to event date

1. Plan Early–Set a date for the event at a chapter board meeting.

2. Appoint a Care Package Event Chairman.

3. Advertise Date–Enter the date on the chapter calendar.

4. Determine Location–Select a location for the event and contact the location to insure space availability.  This event (if small) can easily be accomplished in a member’s living room.

5. Notify the Office of Advancement–So that the date and location will be printed in the chapter calendar section of the Truman Review, the Alumni Connection, and the Truman Web site.


Two months prior to event date

6.  Send a Reminder e-mail notice to chapter members and parents asking them to put the event date on their calendar.  The Office of Advancement can provide the names and addresses of parents of local students from the chapter or club area.


One month prior to event date

7. Reconfirm location date and time.

8. Prepare text for a flyer invitation and send to each chapter member and parent.

9. Request a list of current students from your area – Contact the Office of Advancement and request a list of current Truman students from your area.  Ask to have the list two weeks before the event date.


Two weeks prior to event date

10.  Prepare text for a reminder flyer and send it to chapter members and parents giving them the number of students that care packages will be prepared for.  Ask each attendee to bring enough of each item to give one to each student.  Suggested items for the care packages include:  nuts, candies, dried soups, snack crackers, popcorn, writing tablets, pencils, pens, rewriteable CDs, etc.  Ask attendees to RSVP four to seven days prior to event date.

11. Coordinate care package supplies.  Pick up care package cartons, labels and tape in anticipation of event.  Print a label for each student.  Remember to include the local chapter’s return address. 


One week before event date 

12. Ask chapter president to write a note to each of the students – A personalized letter is always best.  The note usually encourages the student to do a great job on their finals and reminds them that their local alumni chapter is here to support them.

13. Confirm number of attendees to the event and notify host(ess)/restaurant.


Day of the event

14. Arrive at the location early on the day of the event.

15. Prepare care package boxes–we put them on the floor around the room and then as chapter members arrive they distribute their contributions into the boxes.  Once the care packages are completed, add the letter from the chapter President, close the box, tape & label, and prepare it for shipping.

16. Relax, mingle, and enjoy the company of other caring chapter members.


Day after the event

17. Ship care packages to students at their Kirksville address.  If no Kirksville address is available for a student, make arrangements with the Truman Office of Advancement to receive the box and ask them to contact the student to come to their office to pick it up.

The Iowa Alumni Chapter delivers their care packages in stapled sacks and the Office of Advancement contacts the students via e-mail to stop by McClain 100 to pick up their packages. 


18. Note the positives and negatives of the event for future years.


One to five days after the event

19. Send event report to Office of Advancement and chapter board.