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Alumni Association
Truman State University
McClain Hall 205
100 E. Normal
Kirksville, Missouri 63501-4221
Telephone: (800) 452-6678 or (660) 785-4133

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6. Event Planning:  Steps to a Successful Student Send-off Event

Purpose:  The purpose of the Student Send-off event is to build a connection between the local alumni chapter and local high school students who have been accepted at Truman State University.  It encourages alumni to reach out to these students, recognizing their efforts and encouraging their future membership in the local alumni chapter (it also encourages their parents to stay connected to the local alumni chapter through future involvement in Student Send-off events).  The Student Send-off also furthers the Truman Alumni Association goal by encouraging local chapter membership growth.


What is a Student Send-off event?  A Student Send-off event consists of a group of alumni and parents of current students hosting a gathering of local high school students (who have been accepted at Truman State University) and their families where the incoming freshmen may meet current Truman State University students and their parents.  This is a chance for them to exchange information and begin developing a contact group to help ease their transition from home to campus life.  We recommend that the Student Send-off event be held two to four weeks prior to the date first-year students must arrive on campus.


PHASE 1:  Six to nine months prior to event date


1. Plan early – Set the date for your event at a chapter executive board meeting in the spring. Work with the Advancement Office/Alumni Relations to determine a date when University staff will be available.

2. Appoint or ask for a volunteer Student Send-off chairman or event manager.

3. Advertise the date–Enter the date on your chapter calendar and notify the Office of Advancement so that the date and location will be printed in the chapter calendar section of the Truman Review, the Alumni Connection, the University calendar on the Web site and the chapter Web site.

4. Determine location–Select a location for the event and contact the location (restaurant, club, park) to insure space availability.  This may be the toughest part of the entire process.  You need to find a place that would interest a person to travel far –give them a reason to be there. 


PHASE 2:  Two months prior to event date


5. Send a reminder e-mail notice to chapter members asking them to put the event date on their calendar.


PHASE 3:  Six weeks prior to event date


6. Reconfirm location date and time.


7. Prepare text for a postcard reminder and send it to the Office of Advancement along with a current chapter member list.  Ask them to send postcard reminders to your chapter members, current students living in the area, new freshmen, and their parents with RSVP date of five to seven days prior to event date. 


PHASE 4:  One month prior to event date


Request a list of first-year students from your area–and a list of current students from your area–Contact the Office of Advancement and request lists with email addresses  


8. Solicit gift bag Items.  The University Bookstore, telephone: (660) 785-4211, email:, and Patty’s Bookstore, telephone: (660) 627-7287, email:, may provide items for gift bags or door prizes.  Solicit local businesses and alumni as well.  Let all donors know the number of students invited.  The University will solicit Kirksville businesses, as well, for coupons and freebies advertising their businesses.  A sample letter to the Kirksville businesses is included in this section.  You may use this letter as a template to solicit your local businesses.


PHASE 5:  One week prior to event date


9. Remind invited guests via e-mail or phone if you do not receive RSVPs from them by the RSVP date.

10. Prepare a student send-off gift bag (or selection of door prizes) for each student.  Suggested contents include:  Truman T-shirt, Truman pens, Truman note pads, other generic school supplies, coupons to local & Kirksville businesses (if solicited above).


PHASE 6:  Three to five days prior to the event


11. Confirm number of attendees with the restaurant or venue.


PHASE 7:  Day of the event


12. Arrive at the location early on the day of the event to insure all preparations are as agreed.

13.  For large events, provide separate sign-in sheets for first-year and current students, one for parents, one for alumni, and current students.  You can use these lists to help them all keep in touch and to solicit the attendees to become members of the local alumni chapter.  On the sign-in sheet for the students and the parents, put a box for them to check if their information may be shared with other students/parents.  For small events, provide one sign-in sheet with boxes for them to indicate their classification.

14. Relax, mingle, enjoy.  Answer parents’ questions and encourage them to join the chapter.  Encourage first-year students and current students to attend future Student Send-Off events and to become chapter members once they graduate and return to your area.


PHASE 8:  One to two days after the event


15. Note the positives and negatives of the event for future years.

16. Send thank-you notes to everyone after the event to encourage alumni chapter membership from parents and current students.  Don’t forget to send thank you notes to the individuals and businesses that donated items for the freshmen gift bags.

17. Circulate the students contact list to students and the parents contact list to parents.





September 8, XXXX


Business Name

XXXX S. Franklin

Kirksville, MO  63501


Greetings from the Truman Alumni Association!


Each summer, many Truman State University alumni in our alumni chapter areas gather to appropriately “send-off” the new class of first-year students.  We talk to them and their parents about our college experiences and all the good times we had while living in Kirksville.  We would like to incorporate a Kirksville welcome care package to assist in welcoming your new residents to town.


We are looking for items like coupons and/or knick-knacks with your company logo…things the incoming students (and their parents) might enjoy and appreciate, while at the same time advertising your company name and potentially providing you with additional business.  If you can provide our alumni chapters and clubs with coupons from your establishment or knick-knacks with your company logo, please call me at the Truman Alumni Office, ________________, or e-mail ________________ and I will pick them up for the alumni chapter officers. 


Our “student send-off” picnics are held throughout July and August in the following areas: Chicago, Dallas, Iowa, Kansas City, Kirksville, Mid-Missouri, Omaha, Springfield-Mo., and St. Louis.


Thank you very much!





___________________, Alumni Relations

Truman State University





1)     Which residence halls on campus have cafeterias?

Missouri, Ryle, Centennial


2)     What is a Palonza and where can you get one?

A Palonza is like a calzone and sold at Pagliai’s Pizza on the Kirksville square.  They also deliver to campus. 


3)     In which two residence halls do all females live?

Blanton/Nason and Brewer


4)     What is the name of the football stadium on campus?

Stokes Stadium


5)      What was the name of the University before the name was changed to Truman State University?

Northeast Missouri State University


6)     What is the building furthest away from the center of campus?

Barnett Hall


7)     Who is the president of the University?
Troy Paino


8)     What is Kirksville’s zip code?



9)     Name the north/south highway that runs through Kirksville.

Highway 63


10)  What was the Quad before there was grass?

A lake.





Student Send-Off Ice Breaker #1



Find someone who is majoring in education


Find someone who took a summer vacation this year with friends


Find someone who will play baseball or softball for Truman


Find someone whose favorite color is green


Find someone who has a little sister


Find someone who will play in the band at Truman


Find someone whose favorite fruit is a grape


Find someone who is going to live on the same floor as you at Truman


Find someone who has a birthday in September


Find someone who volunteered for a charity organization this summer



Student Send-Off Ice Breaker #2


Find someone who is playing a sport at Truman


Find someone who has a brother or sister currently attending Truman


Find someone who is majoring in accounting


Find someone who likes to drink Diet Pepsi


Find someone who got lost on the way to Student Send-off today


Find someone who traveled abroad this summer


Find someone whose favorite color is blue


Find someone who already knows his or her roommate at Truman


Find someone who has a little brother


Find someone who plays the piano




TRAVEL INFORMATION: Chicago–Kirksville


Option 1: Chicago – Springfield – Hannibal – Kirksville

  • I-55 south toward St. Louis (200 miles)

  • Take right fork to I-72 west toward Jacksonville (98.5 miles)

  • Take exit #157/US-36-BUS/MO-79 toward Louisiana/Downtown Hannibal

  • Take US-61 north (18.7miles) to

  • MO-6 toward Edina/Taylor (64.1 miles)

  • MO-6 becomes Shepard/US-63 Business Highway

  • Take US-63 to downtown Kirksville


Option 2: Chicago (west) – Burlington - Kirksville

  • I-88 west toward De Kalb/Iowa (116.9 miles)

  • Take exit #1A onto I-80 east toward Peoria (7.1 miles)

  • I-80 east becomes I-74 east (31.4 miles)

  • Take exit #46A onto US-34 west toward Monmouth (121.4 miles)

  • Turn left onto US-63 south (60.9 miles)

  • Take US-63 to Kirksville


Option 3: Chicago – Iowa City – Ottumwa – Kirksville

  • I-88 west toward De Kalb to

  • I-80 west toward Iowa City

  • Take Hwy. 149 south to Williamsburg (Iowa)

  • Follow Hwy. 149 south to Ottumwa

  • In Ottumwa take US-63 south to Kirksville


AMTRAK: Chicago – Naperville – La Plata (Kirksville)


  • Amtrak Route: Southwest Chief

  • La Plata is 10 miles south of Kirksville

  • Department of Public Safety provides a shuttle to the train station prior to breaks

  • Daily Departure Times:

    • Chicago Union Station to La Plata: 3:15p.m.

    • Naperville to La Plata: 3:50 p.m.

    • La Plata to Chicago/Naperville: 9:57a.m.

  • Daily Arrival Times:

    • La Plata to Chicago’s Union Station: 3:20 p.m.

    • La Plata to Naperville: 2:14 p.m.

    • Chicago/Naperville to La Plata: 8:06 p.m.

  • To book tickets or learn more visit

  • Call 1.800.872.7245 to check on train arrival and departure information

  • Student Advantage Discount Card Available


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Sample - Student Send-Off Invitation