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1. Introduction

2. Contacts

Chapter & Club
Alumni Board of Directors
University Info

3. Chapter/Club Management

General Administrative Info
Tips for Successful Chapters & Clubs
Working with Volunteers
Working with the University
Planning for Officer Succession
Honor Chapter Structure & Points System
Sample Alumni Survey

4. Membership

Benefits of Chapter Membership
How to Build Chapter Membership

 5. Communications

Chapter Communications
Chapter Email Accounts

Social Media Best Practices 

Sample Membership Letters
Miscellaneous Communications Samples

6. Event Planning

Organizing & Planning Events
Banquet Planning
Care Package Event
College Fair Program
Freshmen Send-Off
Golf Tournaments
Member-at-Large Events: Tailgate
Silent Auction
Other Event Suggestions
Listing of All 2011 Alumni Events

 7. Marketing Alumni Events

Guidelines for Submitting Event Info to the University
-Online Event Form
     -Printer-friendly Event Form (PDF file)

8. Scholarships

Establishing a Foundation Scholarship
Current Chapter Scholarships & Criteria
Sample Scholarship Appeal Pieces
Sample Thank-You Note to Donor


Alumni Association
Truman State University
McClain Hall 205
100 E. Normal
Kirksville, Missouri 63501-4221
Telephone: (800) 452-6678 or (660) 785-4133

Web Site:

6. Event Planning: Member at Large Events - Tailgate

To encourage social and professional camaraderie among alumni and create an opportunity for alumni to support the University and its student athletes.


Steps (in no particular order):

  • Select a sporting event at which Truman State University is playing a school in or near your area, coordinate efforts with Office of Advancement, University Athletics.

  • Find a location for the tailgate event by contacting the athletic department of the host school; ask about parking for event attendees.

  • Arrange for a tent, table, and chairs if the event is outside; the host school may be willing to provide these items at little to no cost.

  • Obtain addresses of alumni in the area of the event, considering an hour commute time or more depending on your location.

  • Prepare invitations after determining location and time, including a contact name and number, RSVP date, map to facility, and parking information.  The Office of Advancement will handle the mailing if contacted four to six weeks in advance. 

  • Send invitations four to six weeks prior to the event.

  • Work with Truman’s Athletic Department to contact parents of athletes to invite them to the tailgate.

  • Obtain tickets to the event through the host school if possible, making sure all seats are in the same section.

  • Call alumni in the area to encourage participation.

  • Encourage alumni to wear Truman colors to the event.

  • Determine who will attend on behalf of Truman.

  • Contact caterers to obtain food prices; choose simple fare; determine if paper products are included.

  • Select caterer for event and finalize details.  The Office of Advancement will review and sign any contracts.

  • Determine the price for the event, including food and/or event ticket.

  • Consider adding $1 per attendee to the price of the event, as a donation to the Truman State University Foundation.

  • Make signs directing alumni to the tailgate.

  • Decorate the area with purple and white balloons, streamers, tablecloths, etc.

  • Set up a registration table.

  • Take small bills to make change for people paying at the event.

  • Contact the Office of Advancement to determine if any giveaways will be available.

  • Welcome alumni to the event; introduce any attendees from the University; acknowledge any students and their parents.

  • After the event, provide the Office of Advancement with a list of attendees.

  • Cheer on the Bulldogs!