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6. Event Planning: Organizing & Planning Events

Early and accurate notification of chapter events increases the chances of greater participation and attendance.  With this goal in mind, it is a role of chapter leadership to organize volunteer efforts and direct the flow of work around a chapter event.  A great way to prepare for a series of chapter events is for leadership to create a calendar of events at the beginning of each year. 

Some benefits of this organization approach to planning are:


1.      Allows the chapter to pace itself.  (No group or committee will feel the stress of constant deadlines).


2.      Encourages a balance of events.  (Although many social events are desirable, occasional activities of an academic nature draw the chapter closer to the mission of the University).


3.      Provides the chapter the opportunity to schedule events around the University calendar.  (Planned receptions occur with the visit of a University representative or sporting event.)


A list of possible chapter events may include:

  • Receptions

  • Banquets with guest speakers

  • Road trips to show support of Truman sporting events

  • Dinners in the home of a chapter member

  • Dances

  • Professional development events

  • Picnics

  • Lunch or dinner featuring local alumni as speakers

  • Sports tournaments within the chapter

  • Lectures/presentations on current topics by an alumnus/na

  • Wine Tastings

  • Tailgating/Truman sporting events

  • Cultural events

  • Social gatherings

The list can be much longer based on the level of imagination contained in the chapter leadership and the organizational skills present in each chapter.  A recent survey that Chicago sent out is included and is a good way to gauge the interest level of the area alumni.


Publicity and Promotion:  Good publicity and promotion are crucial for every meeting or alumni event.  Events that receive adequate publicity not only announce the activity to others, but attach a sense of importance to the event.  These two key areas are best handled by one committee, which receives input from chapter leaders.


There are many ways to approach these important elements of successful events; a few are listed below:



1.      Always inform the Alumni Relations Office at least six weeks prior to the event.  Through publications and regular contact with alumni, the office can readily share information surrounding an event. Once your chapter or club has confirmed the details for the event, chapter officers or alumni volunteers can submit the information to the University using the online form of the Event Submission Form; please have all the details confirmed before you submit the information for your event. For additional information on how to submit events to Truman's Alumni Relations/Advancement Office including procedures and preparation times, read  Marketing Alumni Events Guidelines.


2.      Use local newspapers to advertise the event.


3.      Use local radio stations to advertise the event (Hint: often radio stations do public service announcements for not-for-profit organizations, such as chapters).



1.      Telephone calls are a very effective way to extend invitations, answer immediate questions, and obtain a count of attendees.


2.      Public announcements of an event can be made at gatherings of local service or business clubs.


3.      Invitations, newsletters, flyers, e-mails, and postcards all serve to get the event in print and in front of possible attendees.  The Office of Advancement may be able to assist in the publication and financing of literature and/or e-mail invitations.


Truman State University publishes several publications that are excellent places to advertise Alumni Chapter and Club Events.


Truman Review

The Truman Review is the official alumni magazine of Truman State University.  It is published three times per year and mailed to all Truman alumni and parents of current students.  The Truman Review is the best way to reach potential members in your area without doing a direct mailing.  Each chapter and club should make every effort to publish all events in the Truman Review


Truman Today

The Truman Today is a weekly newsletter published during the academic year and distributed on campus.  In addition, the newsletter is posted on the Truman State University Web site and sent via e-mail to alumni and parents upon request.  The Truman Today is the most inexpensive way to reach Truman students and faculty. 


The Index

The Index is the award-winning student newspaper and is published on Thursdays during the school year.  The production offices are located in the Student Union Building.  The Index charges for advertising but is an effective way to reach students and faculty.


Alumni Connection

The Alumni Connection is the official newsletter for the members of the Truman State University Alumni Chapters.  It is published in the summer and winter by the Office of Advancement and includes a calendar of upcoming chapter events.  The Alumni Connection is an economical way to advertise your events to your chapter members. .


The Master Calendar on the Truman State University Web site

The University maintains a master calendar on its Web site at The calendar includes campus and alumni events. 


Calendars on Truman Alumni Chapter Web sites

A calendar section is available on each Truman alumni chapter Web site and a web site that list ALL alumni events is located at


There are numerous other methods of publicity and promotion and depending on the location and size of the chapter or club, these methods may vary dramatically.  It is the challenge of the publicity and promotion committee to create and execute new initiatives in this area.