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Alumni Association   •   Truman State University    •   Kirksville, Missouri


1. Introduction

2. Contacts

Chapter & Club
Alumni Board of Directors
University Info

3. Chapter/Club Management

General Administrative Info
Tips for Successful Chapters & Clubs
Working with Volunteers
Working with the University
Planning for Officer Succession
Honor Chapter Structure & Points System
Sample Alumni Survey

4. Membership

Benefits of Chapter Membership
How to Build Chapter Membership

 5. Communications

Chapter Communications
Electronic Communications

Social Media Best Practices 

Sample Membership Letters
Miscellaneous Communications Samples

6. Event Planning

Organizing & Planning Events
Banquet Planning
Care Package Event
College Fair Program
Freshmen Send-Off
Golf Tournaments
Member-at-Large Events: Tailgate
Silent Auction
Other Event Suggestions
Listing of All 2011 Alumni Events

 7. Marketing Alumni Events

Guidelines for Submitting Event Info to the University
-Online Event Form
     -Printer-friendly Event Form (PDF file)

8. Scholarships

Establishing a Foundation Scholarship
Current Chapter Scholarships & Criteria
Sample Scholarship Appeal Pieces
Sample Thank-You Note to Donor


Alumni Association
Truman State University
McClain Hall 205
100 E. Normal
Kirksville, Missouri 63501-4221
Telephone: (800) 452-6678 or (660) 785-4133

Web Site:

3. Chapter/Club Management:  Sample Alumni Survey

Did you know that there are more than 1,500 former Bulldogs in the Chicago area?  The Chicago Alumni Chapter would like to know how to better serve our area alumni.  


To accomplish this, we ask you to complete the survey below to help us plan events and activities to meet the needs of Chicago alumni.  


We are now offering a half-price special for joining the Chicago Alumni Chapter!


Please complete to confirm our data 









Graduation Year(s)



I prefer events in the: (check all that apply)

q City                            

q North Suburbs

q West Suburbs

q Beyond Suburbs

q South Suburbs

q No preference

q Not interested in participating


Events & Activities I would participate in the following chapter activities (check all that apply)

q Student Send-Off                     

q Homecoming in Chicago (held during homecoming weekend)

q Happy Hour(s)
q Chicago sporting event 

q Beer or wine tasting

q Evening on a gambling boat

q Workshop/educational event/Cultural activity (e.g., museum. architectural, river boat cruise)

q Local charity/philanthropic events
q Comedy night

q Annual banquet

q Chapter officer

q Other ideas:_____________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________


Professional Development
I would participate in the following activities (check all that apply)

q Professional luncheons

q Mock interviews for students and recent grads                        

q Sharing resume and job openings

q Golf outing


Please identify any of the activities above that you would like to help organize__________________________________________________________________


We are considering changing our banquet from February to April.

If we do this, is this a better time of the year? _________________

Where would you like to see the location of the banquet? City/Suburbs? _______________________


The University is considering starting a travel program which entails alumni and family taking a trip— either domestic or international.  Would you be interested in this type of program? _________________________________________________________________________


Thank you for your time and dedication to improving Truman State University’s Chicago Alumni Chapter. 

Please return the survey via e-mail to or mail to:


Truman State University Chicago Alumni Chapter

c/o Tina Smith

1234  West Street
Chicago, IL 60613


Your Chicago Alumni Chapter Officers