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3. Chapter/Club Management

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Benefits of Chapter Membership
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Chapter Communications
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6. Event Planning

Organizing & Planning Events
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 7. Marketing Alumni Events

Guidelines for Submitting Event Info to the University
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8. Scholarships

Establishing a Foundation Scholarship
Current Chapter Scholarships & Criteria
Sample Scholarship Appeal Pieces
Sample Thank-You Note to Donor


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6. Event Planning:  Silent Auction

Purpose:  A successful silent auction can raise money for scholarships or the University Foundation.  It is easier to put together than a golf tournament, and the success depends largely on the donation of items received.  It has the potential to become an annual event and is most successful when combined with another event like a chapter banquet or other social event.



Four to Six Months Prior to the Auction

The four main sources for donations of items are: local alumni, local businesses, the Office of Advancement, and the Kirksville Bookstores (the University Bookstore and Patty’s Bookstore).  You can offer acknowledgement of a donation in the Truman Review as an incentive for a local business with no connection to the University to donate an item to be auctioned.  Use discretion, however, and make sure if you are going to acknowledge an item is it is a valuable item.  For example, one year the Washington Capitals donated a hockey stick that had been autographed by the whole team and that donation was recognized in the Truman Review.  A sample solicitation letter is included at the end of this section.



Four to Six Weeks Prior to the Auction

Staggered e-mail teasers are a great way to advertise silent auction items.  If your silent auction is in conjunction with a chapter banquet or other social event, be sure to include information on how to get tickets as well.  Use your best items and always indicate the name of the person or business who donated the item.



Day of the Auction

Set items on a display table with a sign-up sheet indicating the details about the item, the name of the donor, and the starting bid.  A sample auction sheet is included at the end of this section.  If you have time at the end of the auction, use a dynamic member of your leadership to run a mini live auction to increase the prices on your best items. 



One to Two Weeks Following the Auction

Collect the money for the items.  Checks should be made payable to the TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION.  Some individuals may give you extra money above and beyond their bid as a donation to the scholarship.  Be sure to mark down how much they paid so you can distinguish between the silent auction price and pure donations when you send the money to the University.  Deposit any cash into the chapter’s bank account and write a chapter check to the Foundation for the appropriate amount.  Send all the checks and a printed report indicating the amount of money collected from each individual to the Office of Advancement person handling your chapter’s scholarship. 


Send letters to the individuals who donated items and the individuals who purchased items thanking them for their participation and letting them know how much money the event raised for the scholarship.  The Office of Advancement can help by merging form letters and sending them out.






April 14, XXXX


Washington Nationals Baseball

Attn: _________ Group Sales Account Representative

240 East Street, SE

Washington, DC 20003



 Dear Mr. ________


Thank you so much for your help in organizing our chapter’s “Day at the Ballpark”  to be held on August 27.  As you can well imagine, tickets are selling quickly for this event.  In addition, we have advertised the event in the next Truman Review, a publication sent three times per year to over 50,000 alumni, friends and parents across the country.


As I mentioned, the Truman State University Mid-Atlantic Alumni Chapter is hosting our Second Annual Chapter Banquet and Scholarship Auction on April 29, XXXX in Washington, DC.  Invitations have been sent to over 1000 alumni in the DC Metro area.  At this event we will be raising funds to endow a chapter scholarship that will be given to Truman State University undergraduates interning in Washington DC through the Washington Center Program.  A Silent Auction will be held at our banquet to help raise funds for this worthy cause. 


We are seeking donations that would be suitable for auction or raffle purposes at the event.  Donations received prior to April 26 will be acknowledged in the event program.  All donors will be acknowledged in the fall edition of the Truman Review.  Truman State University is a non-profit organization so your donation is tax deductible; please reference TIN #__-______ for your tax records. 


I will happily arrange the pick-up of any item you wish to donate or you may mail to it my attention at the address above.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding our event or the scholarship at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.


Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated.






Truman State University Mid-Atlantic Chapter



Truman State University
Mid-Atlantic Alumni Chapter Silent Auction

Item:                Faded Blue Truman Sweatshirt – Available in Large or X-Large
                         Donated by Patty’s University Book Store

Starting Bid:   $10

(Name)                                                                                   (Bid)