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1. Introduction

2. Contacts

Chapter & Club
Alumni Board of Directors
University Contact Info

3. Chapter/Club Management

General Administrative Info
Tips for Successful Chapters & Clubs
Working with Volunteers
Working with the University
Planning for Officer Succession
Honor Chapter Structure & Points System
Sample Alumni Survey

4. Membership

Benefits of Chapter Membership
How to Build Chapter Membership

 5. Communications

Chapter Communications
Chapter Email Accounts

Social Media Best Practices 

Sample Membership Letters
Miscellaneous Communications Samples

6. Event Planning

Organizing & Planning Events
Banquet Planning
Care Package Event
College Fair Program
Freshmen Send-Off
Golf Tournaments
Member-at-Large Events: Tailgate
Silent Auction
Other Event Suggestions
Listing of All 2011 Alumni Events

 7. Marketing Alumni Events

Guidelines for Submitting Event Info to the University
-Online Event Form
     -Printer-friendly Event Form (PDF file)

8. Scholarships

Establishing a Foundation Scholarship
Current Chapter Scholarships & Criteria
Sample Scholarship Appeal Pieces
Sample Thank-You Note to Donor


Alumni Association
Truman State University
McClain Hall 205
100 E. Normal
Kirksville, Missouri 63501-4221
Telephone: (800) 452-6678 or (660) 785-4133

Web Site:

3. Chapter/Club Management:  Structure

Alumni Clubs vs. Alumni Chapters:  Alumni Clubs are organized in areas that do not have an Alumni Chapter.  In some cases, the Alumni Club will spend a year or two getting organized and then apply for chapter status at a meeting of the board of directors of the Truman Alumni Association.  In areas that do not have a large enough alumni population to support an Alumni Chapter, the Alumni Club will continue as a club indefinitely. 

Clubs may apply for chapter status after one to two years.  Requirements to apply for an alumni chapter charter include:

  • Approval of the Advancement/Alumni Office 

  • Meet criteria for alumni population base 

  • Form an executive board or committee 

  • Host two or more events per year and submit a list of attendees for each event (events require approval and coordination of/with the Advancement/Alumni Office)  

  • Obtain commitment from at least 15 alumni to become chapter members and pay yearly dues  

  • Select a representative willing to serve as the chapter representative to the Truman Alumni Board of Directors.

  • Attend the fall Alumni Leadership Conference and Truman Alumni Association Board of Directors October meeting held on campus

Executive Board Leadership 
A key ingredient for a successful alumni chapter is strong leadership.  Enthusiasm, dedication, organization, and creativity are the crucial elements for a good leader.  The leadership of an alumni club or chapter is the executive board and consists of officers and committee chairperson. 



●   Preside over all meetings
●   Serve as primary contact with the Office of Advancement at Truman
●   Appoint members of chapter committees
●   Serve as chief programmer for all chapter events

●   Attend the annual Alumni Leadership Conference held on campus in conjunction with Homecoming in the fall

Vice President
●   Preside at meetings when president is absent
●   Serve as chairperson of at least one major committee
●   Serve as advisor to all committee chairs
●   Attend the annual Alumni Leadership Conference held on campus in conjunction with Homecoming in the fall

●   Process membership applications and send to University

●   Maintain chapter checkbook/bank account: Report balance, checks in and out, at chapter meetings

●   Coordinate influx of funds for each chapter event; as the date for an events approaches, find out from event planner if check is needed

●   Attend critical chapter events where significant dollars are at issue
●   Maintain an audit trail for chapter funds; obtain receipts, work with the University to confirm they have alumni donor information, think about ways to minimize cash situations
●   Prepares a yearly budget for the chapter  
●   Submit quarterly reports to the Office of Advancement

● Treasurer may also be responsible for the chapter's P.O. Box
●   Attend the annual Alumni Leadership Conference held on campus in conjunction with Homecoming in the fall

●   Attend chapter meetings and take minutes of all meetings
●   Distribute minutes to all chapter officers and Office of Advancement
●   Submit event reports to Office of Advancement

●  Send meeting reminders along with pertinent chapter communications
●   Track criteria and points for Honor Chapter points
●   Attend the annual Alumni Leadership Conference held on campus in conjunction with Homecoming in the fall

Social Media Chair
The social media chair should have access to a computer and basic familiarity with the Internet AND must have some experience with uploading photos, knowing what hyperlinks are and navigating a website. The social media chair should also be able to devote time not only to social media but also the chapter in help supporting events and members.
●   Maintain chapter Facebook page, including updating content on a weekly basis and gathering and submitting photographs.
●  Think about new ways to use the chapter website and Facebook pages to engage alumni, recruit volunteers, develop relationships, advertise events, and more.
●   Attend the annual Alumni Leadership Conference held on campus in conjunction with Homecoming in the fall

Where there are enough volunteers, chapters are encouraged to add committee chairmen. The following is a list of the basic committees that can be utilized to support an alumni chapter or club:

●   Advertises and announces all chapter events
●   Coordinates photographs at each chapter event
●   Corresponds with alumni in the area to invite to events and inform
●   Serves as liaison to new graduates in the area
●   Serves as greeter(s) for chapter events
●   Assists with phone networking (with publicity)
●   Arranges transportation for events as needed
●   In conjunction with secretary and president, works to produce and distribute a chapter newsletter, which is sent to all active chapter members and the Office of Advancement
●   Works closely with the president and vice-president to create and coordinate all chapter events
●   Oversees the specific details for each event such as location, food, beverages, and entertainment.