Alumni Resource Book
Alumni Association   •   Truman State University    •   Kirksville, Missouri


1. Introduction

2. Contacts

Chapter & Club
Alumni Board of Directors
University Contact Info

3. Chapter/Club Management

General Administrative Info
Tips for Successful Chapters & Clubs
Working with Volunteers
Working with the University
Planning for Officer Succession
Honor Chapter Structure & Points System
Sample Alumni Survey

4. Membership

Benefits of Chapter Membership
How to Build Chapter Membership

 5. Communications

Chapter Communications
Chapter Email Accounts

Social Media Best Practices

Sample Membership Letters
Miscellaneous Communications Samples

6. Event Planning

Organizing & Planning Events
Banquet Planning
Care Package Event
College Fair Program
Freshmen Send-Off
Golf Tournaments
Member-at-Large Events: Tailgate
Silent Auction
Other Event Suggestions

  7. Marketing Alumni Events

Guidelines for Submitting Event Info to the University
   -Online Event Form
     -Printer-friendly Event Form (PDF file)

8. Scholarships

Establishing a Foundation Scholarship
Current Chapter Scholarships & Criteria
Sample Scholarship Appeal Pieces
Sample Thank-You Note to Donor


Alumni Association
Truman State University
McClain Hall 205
100 E. Normal
Kirksville, Missouri 63501-4221
Telephone: (800) 452-6678 or (660) 785-4133

Web Site:

3. Chapter/Club Management:   Working with the University 

The Office of Advancement offers a variety of services to each alumni chapter.  Some of these include:

  • University as a resource for programming/speakers

  • a sounding board for new ideas

  • advice and consultation

  • training for new leaders

  • workshops on programming, recruitment, or other related areas

  • assistance with publicity for all events

  • assistance with mailings

  • lists of alumni in chapter area

  •  mailing labels

  • invitation design

  • printing

Depending on the nature of the chapter’s needs, the Office of Advancement will assist with professional and support staff and do everything in its power to further the success of each alumni chapter.


In turn for the support offered, the Office of Advancement expects the following from each chapter:

  • committed individuals who seek the success of their chapter

  • enthusiastic leaders with organizational skills

  • leaders who seek and heed advice from the Office of Advancement

  • recognition of deadlines suggested by the Office of Advancement

  • leaders and committee members who set specific and realistic goals, then follow a plan which leads to the meeting of those goals

A scaled back level of assistance is available for alumni clubs.  Club representatives should contact the Office of Advancement to establish an agreed plan for assistance at the beginning of each calendar year.


The team effort of the Office of Advancement and chapter will enhance the chances for success for both; however, communication among the organizations is essential for continued growth.